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Published: 2021-09-15 02:25:12
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Diane Sawyer Named World News Anchor: Network Glass Ceiling Gives Way to 2 Women Anchors.
The glass ceiling refers to a situation where either men or women cannot advance in their organization due to an invisible barrier caused by some form of discrimination, whether it be sexism or racism. Diane Sawyer is the second woman to break through this barrier by achieving the position of "World News," prime time anchor. The only other woman to have done so is when Katie Couric took over Bob Schieffer's position at "CBS Evening News."
"Critics say the new female majority represents a great step forward in an industry and a media culture known for its boys club mentality." The Oceanside police department case we discussed in class is similar to Sawyers accomplishment. These Iron Maiden's have stirred the pot to its boiling points by rattling the once male "only" dominated work environment. Although completely different stories, the parallels between them are visible. The norm to which most males are accustomed to is a "male-dominated world," and when that ideal becomes obsolete; men begin to feel threatened.
These women resisted the roles of seductress, pet and mother by focusing on the demands their jobs created and by completing tasks in a professional manner. They expected viewers and executives to judge them primarily on their job performance rather than sex. Their great accomplishment is that they are carrying the torch by themselves. They are not sharing the seat with a male figure in order to receive credit for the amount of work they put into it.

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