New Improved Pill Liquefiers

Published: 2021-09-11 02:40:10
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New Improved Pill Liquefiers

The Pill Liquefier is a small and discreet gadget whose use is intended to safely change any pill form to liquid. The Pill Liquefier now offers two products to choose from. The first gadget is called "Simply Now", its intended use is to use the Pill Liquefier to change the pill to a liquid form for immediate consumption. The Simply Now package will include the Pill Liquefier gadget and seven disposable medicine droppers. For prescribed medicines or vitamins that are to be consumed within a half hour of using Simply Now Pill Liquefier this is the tool to use. To prepare medicines or vitamins for future use, Pill Liquefier introduces "Store and Go". This will become a benefit to caregivers, parents, or medical staffs that may need to change medicine to liquid form that will be consumed at a later time. The Store and Go has an added feature of labeled and secured containers that will allow safe storage of medicine up to two weeks. The containers are reusable and child proof. In one package of Store and Go you will receive the Pill Liquefier and seven containers. Additional containers will be sold separately in quantities of 10 for individual consumers. For wholesale quantities can be negotiated. The Pill Liquefier gadget itself has an expected life cycle of 5 years with a 2 year guarantee. The containers are reusable polypropylene plastic bottles with 20 year life cycles.
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