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Published: 2021-09-11 04:50:09
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At the time Newell Company already was selling extensively to big retailers. Daniel Ferguson recognized that the company was good at making high volume products at a low cost. And, because they were selling extensively to big retailers, Newell Company knew how to relate to large retail institutions and how to sell their products to them.

After the initial 'alien' acquisition by Newell Company, they started to acquire more and more companies (more than thirty acquisitions in the next two decades), that sold at first glance, completely different products. This launched Newell Company enormous growth in the years followed. To outsiders it seemed that Newell Company only grew because of its many acquisitions, but this was not exactly the case. If you pay close attention to the type of companies Newell Company acquired you see that every single one fitted perfectly in the new strategy: "manufacturing and distributing volume merchandise lines to the volume merchandisers". All the acquisitions had the same resources: Newell's relationship with discount retailers and its high-volume manufacturing.
Newell's new strategy proved to be very successful, sales grew exponentially and the company even ranked twenty-two in the Fortune 500 at one point. The strategy was so successful that it became an example for other companies and even written about in a previous case we read in our class: "Creating Corporate Advantage".

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