Nike Management

Published: 2021-08-31 06:10:13
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Nike management has established one of the most recognizable sports brand in the world. Nike marketing strategy has seen the Nike brand go from strength to strength. Nike's strategic management was established by former CEO Philip Knight. Many co-workers have quoted his style of management as "very distinctive". Philip Knight said of his Nike leadership style that the company was grown around his distinctiveness. Knight has seen many of the maverick behaviors which explain their success in one obvious way, by not following the herd, they follow the money. The way the Nike Company motivate their employees is that among their benefits they are given a three-day work week, an option allowing Nike workers the opportunity to work three consecutive 12-hour days instead of a normal 40-hour work week. Nike pays for the four additional; hours to make a full week. The company also grants paternity leaves and personal religious holidays without counting them towards the employee's personal leave allotment. There's more. Nike gives out bonuses regularly, based on the company's success; And In case you haven't heard, Nike was successful to the tune of $9.2 billion in the worldwide sales last year.

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