Nma Leads Reaction Journal

Published: 2021-09-11 11:10:08
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NMA LEADS Reaction JournalBackgroundI believe my first leadership role was when I was put in charge of our farm’s crops and livestock. Of the five children in our family, I was raised with the most farm training and was provided the resources to successfully manage the farm. It was great responsibility when I was seventeen years old and my parents put me in charge of most all of the farm activities. I started right off by managing four farm hands and my siblings. I learned early on that you needed to gain the respect and trust of your subordinates to be effective in a management role. This was definitely the case when I was managing my sibling, in which two of them were three years older than me. I believe I learned my first leadership skills while working in the diverse farm market. After my parents sold the farm, I obtained a job with a company that refurbished public seating and performed industrial finishing. This was a whole new world to me, but I am one that never settles for any one position. I was hired as a line worker, and within six years, was promoted to line leader, assistant supervisor, supervisor, floor superintendant, assistant to the quality manager, and finally quality manager. In many positions within my career I have lead teams in problem solving, continuous improvement, and lean manufacturing efforts. As operations manager, I managed all aspects of manufacturing, including molding, painting, laser etching, assembly, maintenance, shipping & receiving, and materials. I have always liked to be in a management position, where I could make a difference in the outcome of certain things. I have been told by many peers and superiors that my management and leadership skills are at a level above average. There are many of my past employers that continue to try and persuade me back to their company to be a leader in their organization. I am normally drawn back by superiors that do not contain strong ethical beliefs or by those that do not lead by example.Leadership Aspirations   My career goal is to become general manager in a global manufacturing company. I am currently in an organization that will provide me the opportunity to achieve this without seeking optional employment. Our company is well structured with five companies run by an umbrella company. We just recently purchased a sixth company which will give me the opportunity to strengthen my start-up skills. Working in such a company gives me many options to move parallel and upward throughout the organization. The President/CEO (owner) of the company is excited about what I bring to his company and has told me that I have the ability to move up as high as I desire in his company. For now, I will continue to strategically plan for the company’s future and I am sure I will advance in due time.

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