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Published: 2021-09-04 23:00:16
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It was kind of slow but it started to get more intresting. It also had some pretty intresting tutorials. I enjoyed the creativity used by the author to create the family and the characters. ollow the blue is a book about a girl named Bec. This book is realistic fiction because pretty much what happens to Bec could happen to anyone. I personally liked this book because it puts you in the place of this teen.

Bec is a fifteen year old girl whos dad had a breakdown.Her parents left leaving an old housekeeper named Mrs.D in their place. To top it off Bec has two annoying siblings, named Bing and Josh. Bec is well known for her sensibility, but she doesn't like that. So she decides to dye her hair and throw a party that her parents don't know about, only Mrs.D does.

I really enjoyed reading this book because you wonder what would happen next to this wild teen. The whole time shes having this party you wondering, will she get caught?

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