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Nutrition is a fundamental necessity of child’s life, health and development across the entire life span. Nutrition refers to the availability of energy and nutrients to the body’s cells in relation to body requirements (Garg et al. 2014). Adequate nutrition is essential for the optimal growth and health (Dutta et al. 2015). Nutrients and substances should be added to formulae for infants only in amounts that serve a nutritional or other benefit. The addition in amounts higher than those serving a benefit or the inclusion of unnecessary substances in formulae may put a burden on the infant’s metabolism and/or on other physiological functions (European Food Safety Authority 2014). Therefore, every country is recommended to establish nutrition surveillance of infants and young children regularly in order to develop strategies preventing ill health and poor growth (Michaelsen et al. 2003).Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. With a population of 240 million, it is the fourth most populous country in the world and the first in Southeast Asia (Infodent International 2012). Java Island, the most populous island in the world, is home to over half of Indonesia’s total population. The island is also home to Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and largest city, with an approximate population of 8.8 million (Berry 2010). Rice has long served as the staple food for people in Indonesia. This habituation has faded with the increase in perception that food was synonymous to rice. Others like maize, potato, cassava, sweet potato and taro become staple food from all parts of the island (Nasution 2003).

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