Old Town White Coffee: Malaysia

Published: 2021-09-12 00:20:10
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Background- Old Town White CoffeeThe Old Town White Coffee is a famous coffee that most of the people prefer in Malaysia. In year 1999, Old Town White Coffee has established in old town, Ipoh. The Old Town White Coffee‘s co-founders and Executive Director are Mr Goh Ching Mun and Mr Tan Say Yap. Old Town White Coffee has expanded to 137 cafe outlets in Malaysia and Singapore as at 31 October 2009. In order to focus on different areas and states in Malaysia, they had established their own subsidiaries, namely Old Town Kopitiam, such as: Old Town Kopitiam Butterworth, Old Town Kopitiam Kuala Lumpur and Old Town Kopitiam Cheras. They also run café chain to expand their own business such as café outlet, franchised outlets and food processing rather than manufacturing traditional coffee powder. They serve a wide variety of Malaysian delicious cuisines from white coffee to toasts, rice, noodles. Besides that, they have successfully produced the Oldtown 3-in-1 instant coffee mix for the retail sectors. To date, the white coffee products are exported to more than 200 café outlet throughout Asia. Reasons to enter London, United KingdomThe reason for Old Town White Coffee to enter the London market is due to the high standard of living in London. Based on the study, the GDP of London has increased rapidly from 1.3 to 3.4 at year 2013 to 2015. The immense improvement in the standard of living in London has increased the life expectancy of the people in London. The purchasing power of the people in London has increased and they are more willing to spend money such as indulging themselves with food. The ideal consumer economic profile of Old Town White Coffee is considered upper middle class and it would make an advantage due to the high consumption of the people by operating the kopitiam in London.The vision of Old Town White Coffee is ‘To be the Asian Pacific’s leading white coffee producer providing high quality of products to customers globally.’ Hence, Old Town White Coffee is pioneer in introducing Asian cuisine to London. The company tends to introduce the ‘kopitiam’ concept which the ambience is different from the local cafes in London. The company will run the shop based on the traditional Malaysia coffee shop. At the same time it can promote the Malaysian unique, traditional breakfast and coffee to the people in London. This will create a market opportunity to the company.Another reason is the company wants to expand its market share by selecting the target market. The target markets are the Asian people and the foreigners. There is less choices for Asian cuisine in UK, most of the Asian living in England can hardly find Asian food. As so when they are craving for Asian food they can always visit the kopitiam in London which provides them a variety of cuisine. For foreigners they can try on the unique taste of coffee and traditional Malaysian food.The forth reason for Old Town White Coffee entering the London market is its political factor. The UK government practices an open market. Anyone can engage in an open market freely. London is considered as a comparatively open market. Therefore, Old Town White Coffee business can enter into London without any barriers and could carry its business without any aversion as the open market practiced in London welcomed outsiders to invest in their country.

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