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Published: 2021-09-14 03:40:07
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Emotion Intelligence
Sherika Linville
AIU University

After completing the emotional intelligence quiz I have really learned a lot about myself. Taking the emotional intelligence tests has helped me to improve in my job performance, career potential, relationships, health and my overall well-being. Taking this test has help me to see that we as human beings are not perfect and at that we all should be continuously working on become better human beings. My test reviled to me that I need to start putting my needs before others sometimes so I don't feel as though I'm always taking care of others that I don't have time for myself. I all so learned that I have issues when it comes to remaining positive when it comes to situations people around us often notice or flaws before we do. With that being together let's continue to understand emotional intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence
The most obvious representation of emotional intelligence for example would be facial expressions rather it be happiness, sadness, anger these are usually recognizable. There are many other ways that we can recognize our emotional intelligence such as reasoning with emotions. Our bodies have to use our emotions to begin our thinking process and to spark the cognitive activity in our brain. The emotions that we obtain can help make us more aware of where we are placing all of our attention and what we respond to. ( Psychology, Thorndike)

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