Opportunities to Prevent Disease and Promote Health

Published: 2021-09-14 23:30:10
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The main purpose of health promotion and disease prevention is to make out risk factors for disease so that information about the risk factors can be shared with people. The intention is that people will use this information to change their behaviours and lower their exposure to disease risk (Knaul., 2006). The serious problems that require attention include the following;
The first predicament is that it is difficult to identify risk factors, for example, after extensive research "for the case of coronary heart disease", it was found out that the risk factors include the following; cholesterol, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes and others. However, these risk factors do not cause most of the coronary heart disease about half of all coronary heart disease that occurs is explained by all these risk factors combined (Vickers, 2012). This does not make all the risk determinants that have been recognized any less important, they are vital for the prevention of coronary heart disease. This shows how things are much more complex than previously thought. These problems that have been identified with this disease it shows the problem that exists, not only with Coronary heart disease but all other diseases.
Secondly, even after identifying the risk factors, it would be extremely difficult to get people to change their behaviours. Most people even after knowing the risk factors that increase the chance of getting coronary heart disease, people still do not change their behaviours. A change of behaviours only occurs when a person has been exposed to certain environmental and community forces, or an actor that causes them to change their behaviour.

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