Organization Design

Published: 2021-09-13 14:15:09
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Organization Design
Organizations design or structure depends on the organization's objectives and strategies. The organizational structure consists of a hierarchal arrangement of lines of authority, communication, rights, and duties. These structures define the roles, power, and responsibilities assigned to staff and how an organization communicates information between the multiple levels of management. Consulate health care is a centralized structure where upper management has control and makes the decisions but at the same time remains an open system that has multiple external factors that influences decisions.
External Factors
Multiple external factors influence how a Long-term care facility and the governing organization functions. "External factors are factors that occur outside of the company that causes change inside the organization and are for the most part beyond the control of the company" (Hartzell,n.d.). External factors that can affect Long-Term care include customers, competition, economy, technology, government, and social conditions and resources (Hartzell, n.d.). Even though external factors occur outside the organization, ignoring them can have a major impact on the organizations current state of operations, growth, and long-term ability to remain in operation.
Nursing homes used to be the dominant institution for providing long-term care; however, recently alternatives have become available, and nursing homes are facing growing competition. Perspective residents are looking for a facility that can provide therapy if needed, maintain a home environment, and autonomy. Nursing Homes would compete to get the residents, offering Wi-Fi, private rooms, and upgraded amenities, added to the mix are Assisted living facilities and Home care (Castle & Engberg, 2009).

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