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Osmosis is the movement of water from a high water concentrate to a low water concentrate. It takes place across as a barricade such as a cell membrane which is selectively permeable. This means that it only lets through tiny molecules like water and does not allow big molecules in such as sodium chloride. Osmosis will carry on its cycle until it reaches a state of equilibrium; this is a concentration gradient of free water molecule on either side of a cell membrane. This is when there are more particles of a substance in one than another.

A plant cell structure has a cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, chloroplast, vacuole, and a cell wall. Water and osmosis plays a vital part as they are the leading roles of the support of a plant. Lack of weather will lead the plant to become flaccid and eventually die.
Animal and plant cells have some key similarities and difference., they differ in important ways as plant cells provides certain functions for the actual plant whereas animal cells send functions to the human body. They both have a defined nucleus which contains chromosomes it is protected and surrounding the cytoplasm. Also they both have a cell membrane that surrounds the actual cell. But one of the main differences between them both is that plant cells have a cell wall made up of something called the cellulose. The cellulose allows a high pressure within the cell without exploding.
Plant cells have to be able to take large amounts of liquid through the process of osmosis and that's without being destroyed. Whereas an animal cell doesn't have a cell wall. So this means that if you fill the animal cell with a lot of distilled water or another fuliud it will eventually pop

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