Overview of Technology Trends, It and Competitive Advantage

Published: 2021-09-15 11:25:09
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Exercise for Topic 1SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCYCOLLEGE OF BUSINESSUNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIABKAS3113 SEMINAR IN ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMSDR. AKILAH ABDULLAHEXERCISE FOR TOPIC 1: OVERVIEW OF TECHNOLOGY TRENDS, IT AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  QUESTION 1  A.       Cloud Computing technology is one of the most influential technologies to business organization. Most Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in the computing and telecommunication industry have shifted to this technology in order to improve their customer services. In recent year, cloud computing also becoming a new concern to some Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of companies in Asia as well as in developed countries.The 2014 State of the Cloud Survey shows that the time for cloud adoption has arrived. The vast majority of organizations have already embarked on a cloud journey that will make Information Technology (IT) a critical component of corporate growth and profits. IT organizations are rapidly moving toward a world where they can offer a portfolio of cloud services, both public and private, to meet the diverse requirements of their applications. Organizations are already seeing significant benefits from their use of cloud, and the barriers to adoption are rapidly disappearing. As a result, each step companies take in their cloud journey delivers increasing value.(source: http://www.rightscale.com/blog/cloud-industry-insights/cloud-computing-trends-2014-state-cloud-survey)REQUIRED:Briefly define cloud computing technology.Answer:Cloud computing technology is defined as a model for delivering information technology services which mean a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than personally control the application. Software packages and data are stored in the servers. High security because personally are less used.By referring to the above case, discuss TWO (2) benefit of cloud computing to business organization.Answer:Based on the above case, two benefit of cloud computing to business organization are:• Capital expenditure on hardware can be removed and will be replaced by operating expenditure on cloud services, it also have an elasticity of services provided.• Flexible provision of information – information can be access at anywhere, anytime, any internet enabled device whenever is needed.• Software management simplified – cloud software installed and updated centrally. Company don’t have to worried about the cost that should be paid because it is effective and efficient cost. Explain TWO (2) impacts of cloud computing on accountants as financial controller in the company.Answer:Faster and more connected workforce across the globe. Accountant will need to explore ways of establishing actual costs.Improved productivity and efficiency gains. Accountant need to educate those outside the finance function on the complexity of total cost calculations and clarify national and international tax regulations and complications where the country have.Improved client servicing. Accountants need to demand more granular use of, and price data from, cloud vendors – particularly infrastructure providers. Accountant can provide more services to client to give more satisfied. B.        Big Data Technology is another breakthrough in technology. Data from various sources such as the Web,social media content (tweets, blogs, Facebook) as well as video data from retails and from call center voice data are captured, managed and analyzed using traditional methods.

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