Paper Research on the Scottsboro Boys

Published: 2021-09-15 07:25:08
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Paper Research on the Scottsboro Boys

In 1931, March 25th, nine black young men took the train from Chattanooga to
Memphis, Tennessee, four of them are on their way to looking for job. At the same time,

were also in the train couples of white hobos, and two white girls riding in a different car.

The train was stopped, at the next stop by a crew of fifteen men, and the young black

men, were arrested for assaulting, after a fight broke out between them and the white

hobos. The two white girls, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price, who were prostitutes, fearing

to be arrested too, accused the blacks of raping them. The nine blacks boys, whom

ages ranged between twelve to nineteen, were taken and jailed for trial to Jackson

County Seat, Scottsboro, Alabama.

Even though, the fourteenth amendment had been voted, giving the black

populations the expectations of equal protection and the right to due process, and the

fifteenth amendment, stating that the vote should not be restricted on the basis of race,

color or previous condition of servitude, in the South, the former slave owners were not

decided yet to consider the black population as equals in all the senses of the therm.

The segregation was seen and felt everywhere. There was a separation of restaurants,

bathrooms, water fountains, schools, churches just to cite those examples. and the

separate facilities were of course not equal.

In those times, "Extralegal measures such as lynching were also used against

African Americans; it has been estimated that between 1865 and 1930 more than four

thousand lynchings took place in the United States, most in the South and with most

victims being black. The alleged offenses that brought about lynchings of blacks could

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