Parody for Harry Potter

Published: 2021-09-03 05:45:12
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Choose from the chapter of NORBERT THE NORWEGIAN RIDGEBACK
Summary for initial edition: Malfoy secretly followed Harry, Ron and Hermione to Hagrid's hut and saw the baby dragon. He always threated them that he would tell Dumbledore about this. Harry and his friends persuaded Hagrid to send the dragon to Ron's brother, Charlie, who studied dragon in Romania. The three friends lived upset during the week to wait for Charlie's friend. Unfortunately, Malfoy found their detailed plan occasionally and wanted to catch them right on the night they sent away the dragon. Finally they successfully sent Norbert away with the help of the invisiblity clock.
Comic elements: change HARRY POTTER's name to HAPPY ROTTER, change Hermione Granger to Heroine Granger, change McGonagall to McGossip. Let HAPPY ROTTER play tricks on Malfoy as punishments.

It sneezed. A couple of sparks flew out of its snout. 'Isn't it beautiful?' Hagrid murmured. He reached out to stroke the dragon's head. It snapped at his fingers, showing pointed fangs. Before Heroine could ask Hagrid how fast the dragon grew exactly, the color suddenly drained from Happy Rotter's face. He leapt to his feet and ran to the door.
'What's the matter?'
'Malfoy,' Happy hauled the door and grabbed him on Malfoy's collar, 'what on earth are you doing here? What did you see?'

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