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Published: 2021-09-10 08:00:07
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I am not sure that this is a practical use for individual patients. But it could be an additional safety measure for pharmacies and physicians. I mean there is always the possibility of counterfeit drugs and devices making their way into the US. We recently had a case here in KY where a doctor is being charged with supplying patients with intrauterine devices that are approved for use in this country but he had personally brought them into the US from another country. Unfortunately for his patients many of the devices used were not effective and have been caused injury to his patients.
think this is a very good article and each example is representative. All of these 10 innovations in their related areas have brought great convenience to people and protected people's health more effectively. Moreover, I believe that all these ten companies must have strong economic strength and advanced science and technology, so that they can make so effective innovations.

From these 10 innovations, Sproxil, D-Rev, Proteus Digital Health, and GE Healthcare, leave me with a deep impression.

The Sproxil innovation effectively prevents the circulation of counterfeit drugs in the pharmaceutical market and protects the patient's health, reducing the number of patients who delay their treatment or even die by using counterfeit drugs.

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