Pearl Continental Planning

Published: 2021-09-11 22:50:09
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Pc planning

The initial management function is planning, planning is the management function which is concerns with defining goals establishing strategies, developing plans and it is concerns with the coordination of activities.
Main planning and strategies that is necessary for the running the organization is made by the top level management so they do not involve their employees.

Every organization has a entire statement of the organization's goal that what it wants to accomplish in the larger environment. A clear mission statement acts as an "invisible hand" that lead people in the organization so that they can work separately and yet together toward overall organization goals. Organizations have clear their business in service terms or in technological terms but the mission statement should be leaning, have a practical approach should fit the market environment inspire and has a guidance by a vision.
The mission statement of the Pearl Continental Hotel almost covers all aspects of an effective mission statement.
Its Mission Statement can be defined as.

"Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in any aspect. We are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations."


"We'll open the doors; you'll see what's in store."
We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the International arena.

Pc's aims to become world-class leader in service sector of Pakistan are clearly be shown in the mission statement. Believe of PC management on exceptional workforce is also be shown in mission statement of PC. They want to make ensure that not only they satisfy their customers but also delight them.


Decentralized decision making process used in PC. . The model used is dynamic and flexible, whereby the top management takes their time while making decisions and explore and assess all the possible alternatives before choosing the rationally economic and feasible solution. Programmed decisions are made by both the lower and top management with proper discussion with the lower managers while the daily and routine decisions are made by the line managers at the middle level with the former permission or approval from the general manager. In decision making process manager of a department can take steps to make small planes but these plans should not be affecting the much to the department.

Concept of planning in PC

PC uses almost all aspects of planning including:
* Short term
* Long term
* Strategic planning

Short term

In PC hotel short term planning means that every manager of a department can take steps to make small planes but these plans should not be affecting the much to the department as planning need some crucial steps, the department manager discuss it with his upper management and also take suggestions from his employees too. In case of the overall hotel planning the hotel administration 1st discuss it with lower management and take suggestions from the employees and then start operating on it.

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