Pepsico Strategic Initiative

Published: 2021-09-10 12:10:05
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Strategic Initiative
Gene Foster
University of Phoenix
March 12, 2012
Professor John Scherzi

Strategic Initiative
This project will be the continuation of Team C's review of PepsiCo. This paper will take on the challenge streaming the company's financial processes to make them more effective. The team will review the impact on the organizations financial planning, more specifically the effect on the sales and costs on a global basis. The team will continue with the risks associated with this initiative. Finally the team will demonstrate that once implemented this initiative will make PepsiCo stronger financially and more efficient.
Strategic Planning Initiative
A strategic planning initiative for PepsiCo would be on how to excel even better at performance. By looking at the performance, or finance, area of PepsiCo, the company can make changes to make the company a better functioning business. PepsiCo would be able to function better if performance went up, for example, upgrading software that will make business transactions easier as well as more sufficient. Another example would be for funding research for different areas such as ,which product is liked more, which product costs more to produce and if the production is worth it, and adding more products. If the performance area goes up, using part of the proceeds can help in the three areas of human, environmental, and talent sustainability, as PepsiCo states are the other three areas of initiative. Without the right amount of money, these areas may not be able to exist much longer. Likewise, other initiatives can be included into the planning process to create a stronger and even sounder company. According to PepsiCo (2010, p. 19), "Every day we deliver on this promise by striving to meet the goals and commitments we've made in four key areas: Performance, Human sustainability, Environmental sustainability and Talent sustainability."
How the initiative affects the organization's financial planning
How will the initiative affect costs?
How will the initiative affect sales?

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Regardless of the strategy used or the initiative set forth there will be risk involved. PepsiCo

is no different and making them a more effective financial company is a task they are ready for.

Ensuring that PepsiCo can keep the cost'

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