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Published: 2021-09-01 22:45:10
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When I was younger it would bother me to see an increase in prices without any visible improvement in the quality of the product being sold, and I would be puzzled at my father's decision to buy more expensive rice for no reason. I wanted to understand how manufacturers price these goods. I saw my elder brothers entering my family's legacy of succeeding in the business world and was inspired by them. I wanted my father's financial security and my brothers' ambition. It was this curiosity and the dream of becoming a successful businessman that motivated me to choose economics as my undergraduate degree.

I only dedicated myself to the actualization of this dream in the last two years of high school when it came time to pick my IB subjects. I am an IB certificate student who excels in Economics, a course I took at higher level to ensure myself a smoother passage through university. I picked Business and Management at standard level to understand how firms work as well as to gain knowledge about how they affect the economy. My English A1 SL course has helped me improve my communication skills - something I deem necessary in becoming a successful businessman.

Helping the needy and volunteering in fund raising or organizing activities for the under privileged is an important part of my moral fiber. Throughout my high school years I have been actively involved in such events. For example, I have taken part in providing physiotherapy session to children affected by cerebral palsy. As the president of the student council, I have organized many fund raising events, such as selling customized mugs to raise funds for poor families in Bahrain. My experiences have taught me that these charities depend on private donations; and to fund raise for this cause one has to be passionate and organized. I will bring these attributes as a student and a member of the community to your university, and do my best to be the role model to achieve at Bahrain and Bayan School.

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