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Published: 2021-09-02 01:50:10
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Most high school students by their senior year should know what they want to archive after college or decide on a major or minor their freshman year. During your college years you can always decide on a major or minor if you know you want to do two things as your career in life. During this career activity project I discovered that I have a lot of interest in health science and agriculture. I chose three distinct careers which I'm interested about pursuing in my adult life, which are an urban planner, veterinarian and a reporter. As time passed I narrowed my decisions down to two careers that I know I will have a life time passion for. As my college years come I know what I will be majoring in and minor in, which is veterinarian medicine and journalism as a reporter. As I worked on my portfolio project I discovered a lot of requirements, subjects and soft skills I will need to know as I enter my career field in either veterinarian medicine or journalism reporter. As a veterinarian I learned a veterinarian job is to feed, water, and examine pets and other animals for signs of illness, disease or injuries. They also monitor animals recovering from surgery and any unusual changes or symptoms. Diagnose health problems, treat and dress wounds, and set fractures, which are broken bones resulting from the application of excessive force. Veterinarians also advise owners about animal feeding, behavior and breeding if necessary.

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