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Published: 2021-09-10 22:45:13
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PESTEL: Political
Sony is one of the top selling brands in electronics; but why is Sony different than its competitor Samsung and the following store brands? This is because Sony has been around for many years and throughout the technology era they have built up a reputation in the technology industry. Sony has captured consumer confidence and is available in all local retail stores as well as Sony Style stores. There are other companies entering the electronic market trying to compete such as Vizio, Tosihiba, Magnovox, Element, Dynex, etc. Sony must keep its strong reputation to survive through this technology era. Saying this, Sony must make sure they are selling topnotch products and mistakes are not acceptable because they could possibly lose their reputation. They recently had a recall of all laptop batteries since a few caught on fire, but Sony made the correct move and had the recall as soon as they found there was an issue with the batteries. Currently, Sony is still the leading provider for laptop batteries, and politically Sony is doing better than they were a year ago. Given President Barak Obama's stimulus bill that was passed a year ago, the Stock Market has shown an increase.
Society has taken an interest in recycling. This is known around the world as "going green". The concept of "going green" has caused many companies and industries to become more eco-friendly. Sony is one of the few companies that offer service to properly dispose the vacuum tube televisions that consumers are now replacing with a LCD or Plasma. Also the LCD and Plasma TVs are energy efficient. We can say Sony is the main manufacturer of batteries, which are used in all laptops today. Sony's stride is to create more "greener" batteries by being "energy star certified" or to consume less power. Being environmentally friendly is a big deal for the technology industry and Sony has done a great job satisfying the consumers in the "going green" movement.
Technology has consumed society and wherever electricity exists technology is right behind. As of now, society has a need for the use of computers, cell phones, PDAs, laptops, ext. These are all ways that society accesses specific programs, and the internet for communication, networking and business usage. A great example of society using devices for social use is a person playing PS3 online could be playing in Massachusetts and playing against another consumer in china. Technology revolves and works around different languages and cultures.
In today's era, companies and business are taking advantage of technology from telecommuting from home via laptop or showing presentations on plasma screens or having multi-personal conferences via internet

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