Peter Max

Published: 2021-09-02 08:25:13
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Peter Max

Peter Max, an artist of today that is well-known across the world for his amazing heart-touching pieces. He's done many charities, one charity he's most known for is the attack on 9/11 where he painted pieces for all the suffering families that lost a loved one in the attack and raised money for them. All the pieces he did had a little message for the families, this was his way of showing that he cared in those tough times. Not often do you see artists doing this type of thing for their country or anything for their country for that matter. This man shows that he is very humble and appreciative with his talent. Through his work you know that he knows exactly how to deliver the message in each stroke.

Max's childhood was one that adults of today would love to have. Beginning in Germany crossing to China, Tibet, Israel and France before his final stop which would be America. While he was living in Shanghai, China he was living in a pagoda house. One side of the house was a Buddhist Monastery and the other side was a Sikh Temple. In the morning he would watch the Buddhist monks paint and in the evening he would listen to the prayers being sung by the Sikh. His mother was a fashion designer and recognizing her son's talent she would leave multiple art supplies on each of the balconies in the pagoda house.

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