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Phrases: - linking phrases
- connection phrases
- spam sensitive - Verbs - Adv/Adjective

Introduction: - Citing , concludes here that, however, argument relies on a series of unproven assumptions and is therefore unconvincing as it stands,
- This argument relies on a series of unproven assumptions, which together undermine its conclusion that.
- The mere fact that
- One such assumption is that
- For all we know
- Thus, I would need to know
- Before I could either accept or reject
- A person viewing this advertisement might at first glance be convinced that
Paragraph1: - To begin with, the argument assumes that
- Yet, the mere fact
- Hardly suffices to infer
- Without better evidence
- It is just as likely that
- For that matter
- In which event , .. recommendation would amount to especially poor advice
- Even assuming that
- Besides
- Before I can accept that ...would need to supply clear proof

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