Physical Effects of Meth

Published: 2021-08-31 21:15:14
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The physical effects of meth include irritability, increased blood pressure, aggression, nervousness, hypothermia, compulsive behavior, stroke, convulsions, loss of appetite, malnutrition, heart and blood level toxicity, arrhythmia, increased risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis, and other sexually transmitted diseases if injected. Psychological effects include addiction, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, depression hallucinations, and formication, the feeling of bugs crawling under the skin. When it stimulates the brain, meth produces a positive feeling, however when the high is coming down, the feeling is the opposite вЂ" this happens because the adrenaline is suppressed. A chemical imbalance is created by use of the drug, causing irritability, which physically demands more of the drug to feel normal. Because of the pleasure/irritability cycle there is a loss of control creating an addiction.
When a person does meth for the first time, they never get that high ever again. As a tolerance is developed to the euphoria, larger and larger doses of the dug are needed to gain pleasure. When meth is abused, people find pleasure and put their faith in meth to bring happiness, not the pure pleasures of life. People don’t find people, places, things and activities exciting anymore, because it has been replaced by methamphetamine. The pleasure gained by using the drug fades away, creating a need and dependency for the drug.
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