Physical Journeys

Published: 2021-09-11 15:25:10
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Physical journeys have the ability to reshape the human intellect and soul, and have done so from as long as humans have been able to document their journeys of coming of age, obligation and independence. Journeys allow us to perceive life with a broadened perspective, not only after encapsulation of the journey, but amid it, establishing unity and developing our personal fundamentals of culture and beliefs. Physical journeys are experienced at all stages in a lifetime, and in no aspect dependable on age to be of importance, for physical journeys are singular in the facet that they are simple movement from one place to another, they are a necessity in life, yet there is no journey alike or without intent. Texts which feature physical journeys allow our understanding of the concept to develop and recognise the significance of our own physical journeys and the inextricable link between itself and other journey types, such as inner and imaginative. Texts which exhibit physical journeys are Peter Skryznecki's anthology, Immigrant Chronicles, containing poems 'Crossing the Red Sea' and 'Immigrants at Central Station, 1951' which both respectively offer issues of isolation in transit and alienation at the destination. An advertisement placed by Singapore Airlines, in October 25th's publication of the Sydney Morning Herald, presents it's readers the opportunity to devote themselves to quiescence, and The Red Tent, a novel composed by Anita Diamant uses the physical journey as a parallel to the protagonists transition into adulthood.

The advertisement offered by Singapore Airlines appeals to those frequent roamers who have become ensnared in the tedium of constant physical journeys, and this concept is offered through the superimposed slogan, 'EXPERIENCE TRAVEL IN A NEW LIGHT,' an imperative supplicating the attention of it's viewers, swaying them to recuperate and enjoy their time travelling rather than view it with trepidation. Therefore through deviation from conventional travel, it suggests that in the physical journey, travellers will be reinvigorated through a reconstructed sense of awareness via segregation from societal norms and mores.
The physical journey in the advertisement is being presented as opulent and luxurious, seen through vectors, which are utilized to direct the eye to an area of the page presenting a sunset viewed out of the window, epitomising the notion of the end of the day, a time of relaxation, which appeals to those who wish for recluse to reflect upon their journey and experiences. This is supported by the euphony in the tagline, 'their very own haven of tranquillity,' suggesting that physical journeys are clandestine, tailored to the individual, for no personal reflection is cognate and each escape partitioned, appealing to those who require a ruminative hiatus.
The advertisement accents its conceptual idea of separation from the world through an image ironically showing the aeroplane larger than the globe lulling audiences into believing that the stoic routine of life will be surpassed onboard, allowing passengers to disregard earthly problems and perhaps self-actualise through the world being metaphorically extraneous.

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