Pipe Industry Analysis

Published: 2021-09-11 05:05:12
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12/10/2015[pic 1]INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS | TEAM PHOENIX[pic 2]XIMBWHAT3WORDS[pic 3]INDUSTRY ANALYSIS:Industry: GeocodingCritical decisions in an organization are made based on location data. These decisions impact almost every aspect of the firm, ranging from portfolio management, risk assessment, targeting to market analysis. But even before, one can analyze these, one need to associate each location with a correct address much like geo tagging.Geocoding is complex, and mistakes in geocode assignment can lead to poor business decisions that impact risk, relationships and profits.Even though what3words sees itself as a global address group with opportunities both in global business applications and providing aid in developing countries, for it to be sustainable in the long run, it needs to focus more on its business application and uses.Geocoding has wide application in varieties of industries. Some examples are mentioned below.Marketinginstallation, maintenance & repair servicesSales territory assignmentTax jurisdiction assignmentTelecommunications/Utilities• Service eligibility– Accurate location of reported bad coverage– Service availability/coverage locator• Network management– Asset management– Network design and maintenanceMunicipalities & Public Sector• Constituent services– Eligibility for services and programs– Voting precincts and polling locations[pic 4]– Nearest office, government resource– Crime mapping• Tracking trend data to anticipate needs• Economic development and urban planningHealthcare• Mapping provider networks against member addresses• Gap analysis– availability of specialists• Fraud detection• Health monitoring—including epidemics—across Geographies

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