Plato's About Justice

Published: 2021-09-13 20:25:09
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I am so interested in the idea that was raised by Plato's about Justice. In reality it is hard to find what justices mean. For example in O.J Sampson trail there were many controversial issues associated, that pull the dispute into two different direction. Do we really see justice in the trail, or we simply accept while we have a different opinion? I am a confused individual in this topic. What sometimes looks wright is wrong at different time. There are times where rules and regulation could not cover justice in its ultimate good. I selected this issue because it was a debatable issue in ancient, our time and in future too.
Socrates and Pluto's dialogue showed that here we are short of the reality and our perception is not full. It was presented as an example that if someone is not aware of the full fact his perception of the matter would be distorted and would believe that he is right on what he believe whether there would other truth or not. We judge only of what we are exposed to know. The dialogue also indicated that only the soul in Heaven knows the truth. I want know the materialist point of view on this regard.
I tried to see some Hegel's philosophical aspects on justice and many contemporary philosophers were fond of his ideas and his presentation. Many of the intellectuals were attracted to his philosophy. But in the meantime the Kantian theory dominated the model analytically and practically. Hegel gave more of communal value than individual freedom. His philosophical ideas were a little bit complicated and an uneasy to understand but it this cites shows that it is a failing theory due to its non-practicality. Hegel's ideas were easily debated by many. Hegel's philosophy of rights and Justice has "anti-democratic consequences because it subordinates the individual freedom to ethical authority of the state" (Hegel's philosophy of Right as a theory of Justice) In the second cite Hegel's book Philosophy of Right has demonstrated that an individual is no more than its surrounding, it is the product of the society and its right and justice can be well demonstrated by the state. He also admires Pluto's Republic explanation of the ancient Greek life. "The Republic seemed to him a work of true genius and a most profound theory expressing the essence of Greek society and culture (PhR, Preface). The fundamental presupposition of the Republic and ancient Greek political life generally (Hegel argues) was the absolute priority of the community over the individual. Hegel refers to it usually as the 'substantiality' of the polis or 'the substantial character of ethical life' in Greece. The ancient Greek thought of himself as a political animal by nature. He saw himself as a son of his city, a member of an ongoing and historical community and not as an independent individual, facing other similar individuals

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