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Published: 2021-09-15 07:30:08
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Category: Social Issues

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Why is it that when something becomes popular on the web, no matter how ridiculous it is, some students feel obligated to be a part of it? Is it an internal desire to be a part of something bigger or just a need to conform, as shown prevalent throughout the school with everyone dressing in a similar fashion to tweeting things already said word for word.
At this day and age, especially in age groups through high school and
middle school everything seems so much easier through the web. Whether it
be a profile of oneself, writing out whatever they think they're like or
how they'd like to be seen and posting up pictures of however many selfies, a
little box that connecting you to the rest of the world seems to be the most
interesting thing to do all day long rather than reading books or direct human
interaction. After first period one day there was the French teacher Madame
Kabulis, frustrated with several phones in her hands, strutting her way to the
different sub schools filing imminent consequences for the unfortunate students
who were too busy tweeting to notice the her wrath . She's one of the few

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