Published: 2021-09-11 22:30:09
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Today , with the countries fast development ,there are more and more problems are exposed. Here is a very common problem that some small and general goods are over-packing . The merchant wants to sale more and more general goods , they get many flaring boxes to make them up, sometimes the price of the packaging is much more than the price of the goods.Why they want to sale goods with the great packaging? Because of the profit. If you just sale a goods ,you will get just a little profit. But if you sale a goods with a good packaging ,it will get two of their profit, and the profit can be raised. So the merchant can get more money from the customer. And for the customer , when they see the beautiful packaging with the goods , it will Inspire customers to buy it.Personally, I think merchant get money is necessary. And absolutely ,every customer wants to buy what they like with a good price. Before buy it ,please think about it that you get it is worth or not  or are you really need that one with packaging? If it is a gift , you can package it by yourself, It will be more special.Today, with the fast development there are many people have many different ideas. In the first place, some question have only one way to answer it, but now people's thinking get liberated, so the same question can get many ways to deal it.

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