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Published: 2021-09-06 23:05:28
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Executive Summary

42 Below is a company that has been founded in New Zealand and is a large competitor in the global vodka market. 42 Below was bought by Bicardi Ltd and retains its original founder Geoff Ross as its CEO(Walker, 2010).
This report identifies the strategic issue 42 Below may be facing. Brand awareness of the company plays a large part of the strategic issue as it relies heavily on strategic marketing tools that are potentially damaging to the company if taken out of proportion by the customers. This issue determines the problem 42 Below is facing. Options for this problem are porter's five forces and the stage the product is currently at in the life cycle of a product.
42 Below is analysed through the potential internal strengths and weaknesses and the potential external opportunities and threats.
It is recommended that 42 Below implements the life cycle model for their product.


This report is to identify the strategic issue that 42 Below may have occurring in their company. This problem can be defined as large risks being the potential for loss in sales and profit.

Problem Definition

Brand awareness pays a large part of the marketing of 42 Below. The company 42 Below seems to rely heavily on the clean 'green' image of New Zealand when promoting their product internationally and nationally. This can create problems if the 'green' image of New Zealand is damaged and the public reflects badly on 42 Below. This could mean loss of sales and loss profit.

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