Practical Steps to Take to Build a Relationship with a Buddhist

Published: 2021-09-14 17:30:08
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What practical steps could be taken to build a relationship with a follower of the Buddhist Worldview?
First, we must read what they believe. We cannot speak to someone about our religion without first knowing theirs. With Christ' Great Commission, we are mandated to spread the gospel. Since Buddhist seek the truth and Jesus Christ is the truth, we must spread the gospel to them. Their ethical system, the sila abstentions, and our ten commandments are stepping stones to lead Buddhist to the gospel. We should also use parable', symbols, and analogy since the Buddhist are more acceptable to these than focused arguments. Getting them to have trust in you, learn what they believe, know the language, and do not compare religions are all practical steps to build a relationship. The Buddhist believes in evil, we must let them know how to be forgiven for their evil (sins).
What barriers would exists with presenting the Christian gospel to a person from the Buddhist Worldview?
One of the first problems is with language. We must truly understand their words and meanings. We must know what they believe, not what is heard. Also, there are several forms of Buddhist philosophies. We must know who we are talking too. They do not believe in a God, they believe in Karma. Our barrier would be to overcome what goes around comes around and help them to believe that God creates all that happens in society.
What personal challenges might you have with presenting the gospel?
My personal problem is the biggest challenge. How do I tell someone else what to believe, and this is where we should not compare religions, but talk about the man Jesus Christ. Christ is the solution to all of the world's problems. The other challenges to me have to do with ideology. Do you work with the one's that already believe that Jesus Christ was a living man but are skeptical of the man Jesus Christ or do you begin work spreading the gospel with the Buddhist that do not believe in the man Jesus Christ.

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