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Published: 2021-09-13 12:30:06
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        Collage is a big step. And it is up to us to decide if it is the step we want to take. Author Karen Swart, once said “Take life one step at a time and you will find that some steps were worth taking.” Life has thrown a great amount of steps at us. They started out small as we learned to walk and talk, and grew larger as we did. In the grand scheme of things, completing elementary school, junior high, and high school was just minor steps in discovery who we are and what we want to do. And now it is finally time to choose. What do I want to do? What is my next step? Well I hope it is studying archeology at Utah State University. However, that brings up a whole new question. Why should you accept me? You should accept me into your school because I am a fully motivated, hardworking, responsible student with a lot of passion for what I want to do.        I first started to take interest in archeology when I was about 12 years old. I found this app, 3D Home Design, and fell in love. Of course all my projects started out a little unrealistic and crazy. But eventually I wasn’t using the app just for fun anymore. I wanted to be like the real guys. I became obsessed with learning new things about the subject. I googled every question I had about the standards of a home. Such as, how far can the second story hang over the first? How close do bathrooms need to be to each other for plumbing to work correctly? How far should you place a kitchen island away from the wall cabinets? I have developed such a love for archeology that I would do anything to study it and someday make it my job. I even took a few interior design classes. As much as I am interested in archeology, it is not my only interest. Throughout high school I have participated in numerous extracurricular activities. I was a cheerleader in ninth grade at Sand Ridge Jr High School. And I continued to cheer on the varsity squad all 3 years of high school. I was also a proud member of the volleyball team through all of Jr high and high school. And was the captain my senior year. I also lettered in track and field. I am a sprinter, a jumper, and a thrower. Even though I am only 5’7’’, I can still jump high enough to get my elbows above a volleyball net. My coaches even gave me the nicknames hops and roo. Doing all of these activities while maintaining reasonable grades was definitely a challenge. But I was fully committed to every team, group, and club I was on. Keeping my schedule in order required a great deal of organization. Therefore, I am in great practice to be able to juggle a collage schedule without getting overwhelmed or too stressed out. I am also a quick learner. Many of my coaches say I am the most coachable athlete they have had. I also believe I can advance quickly and maybe get into a leadership role someday.         You should select me as a student for your university. I have so much to offer. I am passionate, driven, and organized. I really hope you take my application into consideration. Because that would get me one step closer to who I want to be.

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