Principal Internship Final Report - Career and Leadership Goals

Published: 2021-09-13 13:55:10
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Presented to
The Faculty of Educational Leadership
Lamar University

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Principal Internship program
in Educational Leadership
Karen O'Leary
September, 2011
Career and Leadership Goals
Upon completion of my administration certification, I would like to further my career in educational leadership by first becoming an active member in the district's Aspiring Administrator's Leadership Academy and by becoming more involved in the campus Site Based Improvement Committee. These opportunities will offer me increased insight into the daily responsibilities of the campus administrator as well as continued hands on experience with formulating goals and objectives to achieve the school's vision of academic excellence. If the opportunity arose, I would likely pursue a position serving an elementary campus as an Assistant Principal. However; my ultimate career goal is to earn a position as Special Education Coordinator or Director. Having been in the classroom as a Special Education teacher and currently serving students as an Educational Diagnostician, I feel I am on the right path towards achieving my goals. My experience in working with both the general education and special education population, I believe, will prove advantageous when seeking a district coordinator or other leadership position.
As a future educational leader, I hope to work collaboratively with staff members and parents to facilitate positive change within the school or district climate and culture. As one who does not settle for mediocrity, I desire to one day inspire teachers so that they may become intrinsically motivated to reach each and every student on some level. I want to be an integral part in contributing to a school's or district's greatness. I will facilitate this by gaining the trust of the faculty and by achieving an overall "buy in" with regards to the school and/or district vision and mission; one that lends itself to academic excellence and the philosophy that every student is capable of learning. "The goal of helping students acquire the self-motivation that leads to a perpetual desire to learn should be foremost in every educator's mind. If educational leaders can find ways to create an environment that motivates students to learn, it is logical to assume that improved academic performance will soon follow." (Renchler, 1992).
Multiple activities and experiences during my principal internship have better prepared me to lead school improvement. Both course embedded and campus supervised daily tasks have allowed me to engage, first hand, in the development of a school culture where academic success and the motivation to learn is expected, respected, and rewarded. I have had the opportunity to witness and take part in daily administrative duties as well as other critical stages that school principals face in their efforts to become more effective school leaders. These critical stages include the cultivation of good interpersonal relationships, the achievement of goals that stress educational achievement, and most importantly, becoming a problem solver who seeks out the most effective means for obtaining student achievement.

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