Prius the New Wave of Hybrid

Published: 2021-09-10 19:05:10
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Question 1
Company: To start off, there is no product without the company. The company (Toyota) consists of many different people doing their individual jobs. They have to have an idea; they have to have the funds and most of all that have to have the customers to be successful. Members of the company must work with other members as well as different companies to get max production and sales. In the Prius case, Toyota wanted to provide customers an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline cars. They created the electric Prius which was backed up by eco-friendly companies such as Google and Timberland. The idea, the communication, the finance and eventually the production is what made this product successful.
Competitors: "To be successful, a company must provide greater customer value and satisfaction than its competitors." As read in the textbook, Toyota has done more than its competitors in the field of creating a new hybrid car. They marketed it to people that would be interested at first, and it has taken off from then.
Publics: "A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or on an organization's ability to achieve its objectives." Publics include financial, media, government, citizen-action, local, general and internal who all have different influences on the company's success. When it comes to the Toyota Prius, they include Google and Timberland in their company for awareness and promotion to the customers more than Toyota can do on itself.

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