Project Management - What Is the Project Planning Phase of a Project?

Published: 2021-09-11 01:15:09
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Project Planning Phase
Introduction: What is the project planning phase of a project?
In the realm of project management, numerous project managers adhere to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or PMBOK. PMBOK is a organized solution to project management, formulated by the Project Management Institute, which consists of 5 phases: 1)Initiation 2)Planning 3)Execution 4)Monitoring 5)Closing
In this paper, we'll look at the Planning phase. Typically the most time-consuming of the stages of project management, the Planning phase is wherein you create your project footwork. In Phase 1 - Initiation, you determine your project deliverables or outcomes. Now, in Phase 2 - Planning, you produce a distinct list of things that need to occur in order for your objective or objectives to be fulfilled. The planning, likewise called master planning is a process of constructing as well as preserving the definition of the scope of a project, the manner in which the project will be executed (procedures along with tasks), roles together with responsibilities and the time coupled with cost estimates. It entails giving answers to these kinds of questions: 1) What needs to be done in the future to achieve the project goal? 2)Which way it will be done? 3) Who will accomplish it? 4) In what time it will be done?
Why is it important?
The Project Management Planning phase is one of the most crucial Project Management phases. In this phase, one begins planning for all the vital components of a project,providing project details, project management schedule, as well as budget. Essentially, the project planning phase is to generate a general roadmap for the project team, so that everybody in the team understands their particular roles as well as obligations and the timeline of the given project.
What are the stages of the project planning phase?
The steps to project planning involve the following:
- Develop a Project Plan (detailing the activities, tasks, dependencies as well as timeframes)
- Develop a Resource Plan (itemizing the labor, equipment and also materials needed)
- Develop a Financial Plan (determining the labor, equipment along with materials expenses)
- Develop a Quality Plan (presenting quality objectives, assurance together with control measures)
- Develop a Risk Plan (highlighting potential risks and actions taken to mitigate them)
Develop a Acceptance Plan (itemizing the requirements to be satisfied to achieve
customer acceptance)
- Develop a Communications Plan (detailing the information necessary to inform stakeholders)
- Develop a Procurement Plan (determining products to be acquired from external suppliers).
- Contract the Suppliers
- Perform Phase Review
With a comprehensive knowledge of the activities, means, budget as well as vendor connections necessary to take on the project, the team is prepared to get into the Execution phase. A Phase Review is performed to make sure that all of the necessary Planning activities have been finalized and to offer formal approval to move forward to the Project Execution phase.

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