Psy 265 - Effects That the Media Has on Sexuality

Published: 2021-09-11 16:35:09
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Effects that the media has on sexuality.
Sharon Bledden
Patricia Gay
December 8, 2011

The media has a great impact on the lives of adolences. Most of the media now a day portrays many acts of sexuality. It shows a lot of young girls and boys engaging in sexual acts. The media also show a lot of young girls being very flirtatious in order to get the attention of young boys. The media also shows that many young boys are pressuring a lot of young girls into having sex with them. The media goes as far as showing sexual act between teenage girls and boys. The media even shows sexual acts between people of the same sex. It shows teenagers that it is ok in today's society to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same sex. This increase of sexual awareness on TV for young people has both positive and negative side effects. It increases the awareness of the effects that sexual acts can have one people. I let young people to know the chances of either getting pregnant or getting and STD when they engage in sexuality. The media let young people know what they can do to help prevent from becoming pregnant or from getting a STD when they do decide to engage in sexual activity. This increase of awareness in the media has caused an increase of young people to engage in sexual activity at a younger age than they should be. Which leads to teenagers either having babies, getting a STD, or even both. I think that parents need to let their children know what is acceptable and what is not, when it comes to letting them watch TV.
The media's portrayal of sexuality has no had that much of effect on me while I was growing up. When I was younger I was not allow to watch and shows and movies that had any type of sexual activity in it. When I was seventeen my husband and I decided to take our relationship to the next level and I got pregnant. I did not know at the time there was types of birth control and protection that could be used to prevent pregnancy. Over the years the media has helped me to realize that there are many different types of birth control and protect to prevent from getting STD's. In a way, I think having the awareness in the media is good for teenagers because it teaches them that there are consequences to having unprotected sex.

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