Psy 322 - My Values, Belief, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals, and Systems Paper

Published: 2021-09-13 22:10:10
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My Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems PaperShonda EdwardsPSY/322November 7, 2016Shelley CarterMy Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems Paper     From an early age until my adult years it has been my own belief and values that has moved me throughout my life, and what knowledge I have gained from other constructive influences. A few of my personal beliefs are derived from my culture and personal experiences within my behavior that has swayed me to think otherwise. Personally, I believe I am very open to other beliefs and values through different conditions of life. At any rate, I do place timed appreciation on what I deemed to be right.  However, this does not signify that it is set in stone in the mind of someone outside of myself. The rules and regulations do apply to everyone.  On the other hand, this must be recognized in the clearest way possible to assist the client.  I was raised by parents who believed in helping others, regardless of his or her issue. Whether it was feeding a homeless person, giving someone a ride to the supermarket, doctor appointment, to work or where he or she needed to go. So it is in me to be compassionate toward others no matter how I am treated. I am aware that with this profession I will be faced with many challenges such as discrimination against race, sexuality, homosexuality and religion, and others. I do not judge others because I do not want others judging me. In my family I learned how to accept people no matter the color of his or her skin color. To be kind to all and smile, even when I did not feel like it. To always turn the other cheek, obey your elders and have respect for myself. I believe I am a natural giver. I get pleasure from seeing other smile.

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