Pursuing Criminal Justice Outline

Published: 2021-09-13 12:30:06
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This paper will discuss how the definition of justice has evolved during the studies of criminal justice at the UOP and how it can help my career in criminal justice. The three practices in law enforce that are current on local, state and federal level. The three major changes with the criminal justice since the attacks of Septmember 11, 2001 and how people have cope with these changes.

Pursuing Criminal Justice Outline

I. Introduction
A. Person definition of justice
1. What mean to me
2. How evolve during my college career
3. The promotion of justice within my career
B. law enforcement
1. Definition of justice for law enforcement

II. Three current practices of law enforcement
A. Due process
1. The right to a trial
2. The right to impartial jury
3. Hammurabi code

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