Queen Elizabeth I and Feminism

Published: 2021-09-12 22:05:11
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Queen Elizabeth I was a politique. Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I) used many things to make this true one including becoming the Virgin Queen. This title helped people see Elizabeth more as a divine queen. Elizabeth very cleverly made being a woman a political tool something no other woman was able to accomplish.
Queen Elizabeth used marriage as a political tool during Elizabeth reign. Elizabeth was the most eligible woman in Europe at the beginning of Elizabeth's reign. Elizabeth always let her council consider carefully the pros and cons of each man that asked for Elizabeth's hand and during that time there would be peace between the two countries the considered marriage was holding. This was a smart tool. All Elizabeth had to do in a time of urgency was think of marriage to whoever in the country they were 'arguing' with that wanted Elizabeth as their wife.
One rebuttal to using marriage as a tool would be the fact that a woman was supposed to marry. Elizabeth was supposed to create an heir so that Elizabeth's family line could keep the throne. Elizabeth's council was convinced that the best thing for the nation and Elizabeth's duty was to marry and create an heir. If Elizabeth had married there would have been no issues on succession and Elizabeth would have had time to train the heir to be as good of a ruler as Elizabeth was.

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