Rapping Case

Published: 2021-09-13 18:50:09
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Lil wayne, a hard working, rapping, serp serpin, african american, was bourne and raised in new orleans. A place full of parties and great fun for all. Lil wayne was once called the youngest in the game( music business), untill drake started singing in the united states. Lil wayne, being the hard core, serp sippin' raper he is, dropped out of high school to begin his musical career.
Wayne has continued his musical career with great aptitude and success, fighting twards a goal not attained by slaving for some big O.G.( original gangster), Lil Wayne started out raping with the well known group, Young Money, this took him strait to the top, landing him record deals, sponserships, and a great deal of other oppertunities in the musical career. All hail jesus frank einstine yes no the power. Of one is a really nice book and every one should read it. Tomb time tub tangent and redrum. Somtimes slippery slimey snakes. Lots of ray band shades polo shoes young and actin out, this is how we rappers do it. Run and tell your mother, man.
I switch flow, switch rythem, blue slide park. Weres my snare? Theres no snare in my head phones. Leving them with the taste of sour vinigar in thei mouth, im sorry mamma, i never ment to hurt you. I never ment to make you cry but tonight, im cleaning out my closet. Now i would never dis' my mamma just to get some attention.

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