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Published: 2021-09-10 12:25:09
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The Bank of Korea has become the latest central bank to step into the money markets in a bid to stabilise its currency.

The Korean won has declined by 10% against the US dollar in the past month, and the bank said it was taking appropriate steps to stem the falls.

The move follows a similar action by the Indonesian central bank on Thursday to shore up the rupiah.

Analysts said big currency fluctuations were a threat to these economies.

"It's not a desire to produce a stronger currency, it's just about putting a cap on the decline," Sean Callow of Westpac Bank told the BBC.

"These countries remember what problems were there, when they had a weak currency," he added.

Economic impact
The sharp falls in currencies have come at a time when the Asian economies have been trying to control rising consumer prices.

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It is forced selling, the sort you get in the middle of a global crisis, its the scare of a domino effect that is driving it"

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