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Anastasiia MikhailovaHistory 102November 8, 2015Danielle SwiontekReconstruction        Reconstruction lasted from 1865 till 1877 and it was a racially contentious time period due to the abolishment of slavery and transformation of the South to the Unites States, after the Civil War.  The main purposes of Reconstruction was to free African Americans from slavery, and reconstruct the war-torn America into a united country. These goals were hard for achieving, but in fact, they have been. Despite of it a lot of historians still argue if that Reconstruction was successful. This era was hard for everyone and had a lot of consequences, during this time were changed three presidents, a lot of people suffered, and Africans' Americans life was still hard after it. Nevertheless, Reconstruction was successful, because it achieved its goals, also US government made some changes in congress, what changed black people's lives forever since that time.        The main purpose of reconstruction was to free African Americans and make their rights equal to others. They were not free and dreamed their lives would change. Blacks could not travel without note from employer, trade, own properties, could not have public meetings, guns, and also could live only in employers' house in a town.[1]  And their dreams came true, as the Reconstruction's goal was achieved. After taking 13th Amendment (abolishment of slavery) African Americans men' life changed. They finally became free of the slavery. But this amendment gives blacks just freedom of the slavery, and nothing more, then government approved 14th and 15th amendments, which gave African Americans men a right to be a citizen of U.S, to vote, and to have the same rights as others have. So they became the citizens of America, they could take part in politics, get a job, visit public places, and have their own business.  And it was the main purpose, because African Americans defined freedom as getting political representation and economic independence. [2]

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