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Published: 2021-09-12 15:50:09
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I can tell you right now that this class is really going to help me in the future. By going through this class, it made going through CTU online training easier. I was able to use what I learned in this class to pass my other class. Learning from this class will be put to good use in future classes by knowing how to organize information, research, grammar, and by using the proper format. Thanks to this class, there is nothing dealing with writing that I can't do.
Learning about formatting was a thing that I had the most trouble with. Fortunately I was able to learn some of them. I know that there is the APA style, MLA style, and several others. From what I understand, most of the teachers at Colorado Technical University Online want their assignments written in APA format. APA formatting takes a lot of work to do, but if you actually pay attention to what you are doing, it will make all the difference in your writing. Knowing this, I am going to do great with this part of my training.
From this class I know that research is the key to every good essay. Well the truth of the matter is that research is the key to every class that you'll ever take. In my future classes with CTU at least six of them are going to involve classes dealing with essay writing. From English Composition II to Professional writing, I am going to have to learn a lot of information on different subjects. In the other classes, I am still going to have to become more knowledgeable about the course. So when you look at it, research is the most valuable piece of knowledge that came out of this class.

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