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Rejection ...

Rejection is a central platform of all networking endeavour. Anyone who doesn't understand why rejection is such a powerful and yet intricate tool of learning does not really understand networking. Take the word 'networking'. Ultimately its about working a net. If you see a spider building a cobweb, in essence that's where the term net/web originated from. It's a concept we have pulled from nature per se.

First the spider pulls one single thread from point A to Point B. And this is the most difficult, most strenuous, most daring, most imperilled venture by the staid spider. Because it is one thread and hanging by that single thread it generally it fails about 99 times before connecting. Because it's so tenuous The actual percentage of success is about 1%.

But the web itself upon completion can be an extremely powerful and extremely intricate construction. In nature, there is nothing that comes close. Man, despite all technological progress cannot match the intricacy and strength of a single cobweb even today. The strength of a single spider thread is still far stronger than the strongest steel cable known to man, if one were to measure it proportionately.

Hence, it is the ideal example to use to describe networking.
The first thread fails 99 times out of 100. But yet, this is the basis of the entire network that is yet to come and it will be the strongest thread that spans that space. Upon that single thread being achieved the spider goes back to its centre and then drops again to create another thread. Hence, you eventually see the entire cobweb over a period of time.

Now how does this affect the term rejection?
The spider has no ego, it has no pride. It has no intellect in terms of counting how many times it fails. It is focussed on the objective and keeps on striving and trying until it's objective is reached. It can only focus on one thread at a time. But this is how the most complex, intricate, dynamic networks are built.

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