Rfid Security and Privacy

Published: 2021-09-15 08:35:09
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Running head: RFID Security and Privacy

RFID Security and Privacy
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RFID Security and Privacy
Privacy refers to the ability of the Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID) to keep the meaning of the information transmitted between the RFID tag and the reader secure from access by unintended persons. On the other hand, security refers to the ability of the RFID system to keep information transmitted between the tag and the reader from non-intended recipients (Blank J, 2006).
Since the RFID is a tracking device using Radio Frequency (RF) that can be detected by any signal reader using RF, the major challenge has been on maintaining its security and privacy details. In a given environment, an RFID may pose security risks without affecting the issue of privacy. For instance, in a situation where a tag broadcasts its unique identification number in a consistent and unencrypted manner, any reader can decode the RF signal and exchange data. If all that is read is the tag's unique identifier only i.e. no access to the backend information that maintains information relating the tags IDs and objects they represent, then there is no privacy issue violated (Banks J, 2008). However, issues of traceability and inventory may remain.

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