Riordan Manufacturing Outsourcing Document Management System

Published: 2021-09-15 10:00:10
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Project Plan: Riordan Manufacturing Outsourcing Document Management System
Document Overview
The objective of this project plan is to capture project information and to provide a recap of the project. The document serves as a review to examine objectives and to capture project metrics, project successes, and constraints. The plan is a learning document aimed at continual improvement in Project Management, I/T, and business processes.
Project Overview: Statement of Need
As a result of a new quality system, Riordan clients started requesting the paper trail on processes for auditing purposes. A client can initiate an audit at any time and ask for back files from previous projects. Then it became evident Riordan had issues with document control. When conducting large manufacturing projects, the paper trail can be complex and the old filing system was causing the process to be difficult and time consuming. Therefore, the initiative to start scanning project documents into a document management system began in 2010. Because of the complexity of the projects, there were several documents in need of indexing into electronic files and the FTE to handle the workload has increased considerably. By outsourcing Riordan Manufacturing's document management system, both ABC Outsourcing and Riordan will reap benefits. Riordan will reduce operational costs and increase quality in non-core areas of the business, such as mailroom and file storage areas and ABC Outsourcing will increase its competiveness in the outsourcing marketplace. Moreover, because of the recent outsourcing of other areas of the business to China, Riordan will also benefit from the decreased cost associated with streamlining (Gillespie, 2012).
According to Schniederjan (2007), workflow optimization is a core to the manufacturing process. With the offshore outsourcing of the Riordan document management system, there are promises to reduce IT budgets within limitations (Weerakkody, 2010. p. 615). By outsourcing this non-core process, the company can focus other operational areas and minimize operating costs. Hence the company can concentrate on their main operating areas, e.g., developing new products, expanding market span, enhancing customer satisfaction, etc.
Project Overview: Project Objectives and Scope
The objective of the project is to streamline access to documentation. The intent is to make paper documents for the past 7 years available digitally. To facilitate this, Riordan Manufacturing has been decided to outsource the coding of the document management functionality.
* Front End Development New Function to Outsourcing Company
* Back End Development New Function to Outsourcing Company
* Server Hosting New Function to Company
* Ongoing Scanning Existing Function at Outsourcing Company
The scope of this project included the following tasks to support the business functionalities identified in the table above.
* Functional process reviews to determine training and procedural requirements for offshore associates and domestic associates

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