Rise of Fascism in Germany, Hitler's Background, Policies, Etc.

Published: 2021-09-13 06:05:10
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Rise of Fascism in Germany
With Germany's economic collapse after 1929, this made them more vulnerable and attracted to the more extremist parties. Other reasons contributing to the rise of fascism is the fear of communism, as well as the economic and psychological impact of the Great Depression. With Hitler's promises to create a "new Germany," his ideas intrigued and fascinated his audience.

Hitler's Background
Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. He was born to an abusive father, Alois, and a loving mother, Clara. His father was a civil servant and was shocked to discover Hitler's love and interest for art; this was much to his disappointment, because he wanted Adolf to join the civil service. Clara, his mother, was very kind and caring. When His father would hose his quick temper, Clara would often take Hitler's side. Hitler was not popular and rarely excelled in school. He was lazy, yet he had a artistic talent. When he was 13, his dad dies, leaving him no independent father-figure. Hitler left school at age 15 and later applied to Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where he was rejected. Subsequently, after many costly and painful treatments, his mother died of cancer when he was 18. He stayed in Vienna: living off inheritance, selling post cards, and sleeping in bars and shelters for the homeless. It is in Vienna, where he cultivated his main ideas, but more specifically, his hatred for the Jews.

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