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ROSE is an open source compiler infrastructure to build source-to-source program transformation and analysis tools for large-scale Fortran 77/95/2003, C, C++, OpenMP, and UPC applications. The intended users of ROSE could be either experienced compiler researchers or library and tool developers who may have minimal compiler experience. ROSE is particularly well suited for building custom tools for static analysis, program optimization, arbitrary program transformation, domain-specific optimizations, complex loop optimizations, performance analysis, and cyber-security.

Like other compiler infrastructures, ROSE consists of front-ends, a midend, and backends, but ROSE backends generate (unparse) source code. Thus ROSE is a source-to-source compiler infrastructure. The intermediate representation (IR) used in ROSE is high level to build an abstract syntax tree (AST) that is well suited to source-to-source (so ROSE does not loose any information about the structure of the original source code). The midend contains an evolving set of analyzes and optimizations. The Edison Design Group (EDG) front-end is used to parse C and C++ applications. Although the EDG source code and interfaces are protected, they may be distributed freely in binary form. Language support for Fortran 2003 and earlier versions (including Fortran 90/95, F77, F66, and Fortran 4) is based on the Open Fortran Parser (OFP) developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. ROSE converts the intermediate representations (IRs) produced by the front-ends into abstract syntax trees.

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