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we provide a professional, high quality experience by using classic and contemporary techniques found nowhere else.

Salon's vision is to have a friendly environment, while creating opportunities for growth and lifestyle enrichment.

Training is a key focus at every level within the salon and all members of the team are part of an on going training programme. Courses include expert cutting skills, advanced colouring techniques, hair up and bridal hair.

All of our associates are educated in the latest techniques and products relating to hair, skin, and body care. We provide you with a pure path to a healthier look.

Our responsibility to always bring to our clients the latest in fashion and trends that are happening in the industry .

Our complete staff of stylists is extensively trained, and each is certified in all forms of color and corrective color , makeup and facial treatments .

We expect our customers to be delighted by the sights, sounds, and aromas associated with Aveda's pure and natural essence of plant and flower 

In our salon ,you will find that we excel in customer service, use the very best in Ionic and Organic products leaving you with beautiful healthy hair.

Our experienced team have a passion for what they do, we will listen carefully to your wants and concerns and we will be delighted to advise and educate you on New Styles, Color and Products.

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