Schindler's List

Published: 2021-09-13 18:50:09
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Introduction 2
Symbolism 6
Technology 8
Setting: 10
Analysis Video Transition Effects 11
* Zooming 11
* Panning Shot. 12
* Over shoulder track in shoot 13
* Mixing Focal lengths. 14
* Shot reverse shot 15
* Crane shot 16
* Framing through foreground objects. 17
* Wide lenses shoot. 18
Analysis creative motion effect: 19
Isolated color grade/ Pleasantville effect. 19
Analysing the use of dynamic titles 20
Black and white filming Technique 21
Analysis of audio editing and effects 22
Reference 23


A movie directed by award winning Steven Spielberg, starring Ben Kingsley, Ralp Fiennes, Liam Nesson, and Caroline Goodal. Winning the 1993 Academy awards for Best Picture. The story tells the events of Post War Poland with Oskar Schindler wanting to take advantage of the invasion of Nazi Germany in Poland.
Run time: 3 hours 15 minutes
Schindler's List is a documentation style movie about the accounts and actions of Oskar Schindler during post war Poland, an opportunistic business man from Germany. The settings of the story is post World War 2 Poland. 1939 Nazi Germany has successfully invaded Poland and forced the relocation of Polish Jews to the ghetto in Krakow.
In the following of this events, Oskar Schindler a native German from Moravia arrives in Krakow with intent to exploit and make money from the relocation of the Polish Jews. As a member of the Nazi party, Schindler befriends high ranking SS officials that are in charge of procurement to attain a factory of his own.
Schindler then attains a factory that manufactures army mess kits but he is unsure of how to run the whole operation. So he approaches Itzhak Stern, an accountant and an official at Krakow's Jewish council and he is well familiar with how the business runs.
As the story progresses Schindler experiences a major change of heart as he witnesses the many hardships of the Jews from the Nazis. He then meets Amon Goeth an SS officer in charge of the concentration camps in Plaszow. Goeth, a cruel and sadistic officer with unknown hate towards the Jews, he tends to randomly execute Jews in the concentration camp.
By the end of the film, it is explained why the title 'Schindler's List' is used. The events of the story are true accounts, interviews, and testimonies coming from the survivors of the concentration camp. These survivors were helped by non-other but Schindler.


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